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Forskerforummøde samt foredrag v/ Associate Professor Craig Kuziemsk 2013

Forskerforummøde samt foredrag v/ Associate Professor Craig Kuziemsk 2013

Forskerforummøde, den 22. marts 2013 fra kl. 10 – 12 på KUA i mødelokale 24.5.62 i bygning 24 på 5. sal. Adressen er Njalsgade 128-132, 2300 København S.

Dagsordenen er:
1. KU fortæller om sin forskning, herunder seneste EU-ansøgning
2. Orientering om kommende ph.d.-kursus

Efter frokost holder Associate Professor and Director Craig Kuziemsky, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa foredrag. Denne del af arrangementet er åben for alle, der har lyst til at deltage.

Foredrag v/Craig Kuziemsky, PhD, Associate Professor and Director, MSc in Health Systems Program
Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa
Titel: Micro, Meso and Macro Challenges to Collaborative Healthcare Delivery: Insights from Canada

Tid: Fredag den 22. marts 2013 kl. 13-14

Concepts such as collaborative healthcare delivery and continuity of care have raised attention to the need for an integrated healthcare system. However integration is challenging in that there are several factors that must be coordinated in order to design integrated healthcare solutions. Craig Kuziemsky’s research focuses on developing new approaches for modeling and designing information and communication technologies to support collaborative healthcare delivery. In this presentation Kuziemsky will discuss his current research that is studying collaborative care delivery at two levels. The first level is the micro level where he has been modeling healthcare delivery from the perspective of individual providers and teams. This research includes studying how providers communicate and collaborate with each other as part synchronous and asynchronous healthcare delivery and the role that concepts such as awareness and common ground play in supporting collaboration. The second level is looking at collaboration at the meso (organizational) and macro (health system) levels. Kuziemsky will also provide an introduction to the Canadian Healthcare System and discuss some of the cultural considerations within it. Finally he will discuss opportunities for collaboration with Danish e-health and health informatics groups.