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V-CHI årsmøde 2002

V-CHI årsmøde 2002

Torsdag den 7. november 2002 på Aalborg Universitet.
Tema: Nye paradigmer i EPJ-udviklingen

Vi har inviteret en international kapacitet inden for EPJ, Direktør Bernd Blobel fra Institute for Biometry and Medical Informatics på Magdeburg Universitet i Tyskland, til at fortælle os om nye strømninger i udviklingen af patientorienterede informationssystemer.

(foredraget blev afholdt på engelsk)

The talk:

Aspects of the current work on the new generation of electronic health care records (EHCR): From architecture to security - how can we provide openness, flexibility, scalability, portability, and interoperability of EHCR systems – and how can the Danish EHCR development benefit from this development? 

The speaker:

Our guest speaker is: PD. Dr. Bernd Blobel, Director of Institute for Biometry and Medical Informatics, Magdeburg University, Germany. He has over the years made substantial contribution to the research and development of advanced and secure interoperable health information systems, and has recently finished a book in the IOS press series: Health Technology and Informatics (no.89) entitled: Analysis, Design and Interoperable Distributed Health Information Systems. In his book he gives a thorough description and analysis of all the important ECHR related paradigms such as component-orientation, meta-modeling and XML markup language. He has also been involved in the key EU projects concerning ECHR and he is highly engaged in international standardization work including ISO, HL7 and CEN. Furthermore, he is chairman for the EFMI working group on ECHR.