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SHI2018 - August 28 and 29

Call for papers

We welcome full papers (max 5 pages) and abstracts (1 page) for the conference. 

Submissions to the conference should be within these areas:

  • E-Health services, business models and implementation
  • Electronic health record systems, solutions, implementations, experiences
  • Telemedicine, Tele-homecare
  • Decision support, standardized care plans, expert systems and machine learning
  • Terminologies and ontologies
  • Healthcare quality
  • Modeling and standardisation
  • Healthcare information infrastructure
  • Sharing of and access to health information
  • Citizen/consumer/patient health informatics
  • Cooperation and interaction crossing borders (e.g. organisational)
  • Care process and workflow models
  • Welfare technology, ambient assisted living and smart homes
  • Use and reuse of health information
  • Personal Health Records (PHR)
  • Health portals
  • Usability, accessibility and user interface design
  • IT security in healthcare
  • Evaluation studies

Submission deadline: 9 May 2018


Review Policy

SHI conference submissions are peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers, and often three reviewers, who are members of the conference’s international Program Committee of experts in fields specifically matching the conference topics. Reviewers are required to provide the author with comments intended to improve the content, style, and other issues which should improve the quality of the article.

If the review results are not clear, at least two members of the conference’s Program Committee decide whether a paper can be accepted or not.

Submission evaluation criteria:

  •  Potential value/impact of research or developments
  • Relevance to conference
  • Originality
  • Style: Clarity, Length, Originality, Etc.



Please use the format specified by the templates below. Scientific papers are written in English while posters and abstracts may be written in English or any Scandinavian language

  • Scientific paper (max 5 pages) Word
  • Scientific posters/abstracts (max. 1 page) Word



The SHI2018 proceeding will be published at Linköping University Electronic Press